Let Le Tigre get its claws into your events

Le Tigre is a unique concept, offering harmonious spaces conducive to gentle or dynamic psycho-corporal practices, massage areas, healthy food bars, cosy and relaxing library lounges… Le Tigre offers anti-stress heavens in Paris, Neuilly, Deauville and Monaco, each one an antidote to urban pressure…

Our DNA: yoga as a lifestyle

Our hallmark: the best teams

Our manifesto: taking care of yourself means taking care of your moral AND physical health, encouraging self-empathy and your ability to listen to yourself from within.

Regular physical practice can develop or regain vitality, mobility, strength, creativity and regenerative sleep, as well as increasing muscle tone and invigorating the skeletal, cardiovascular, nervous, immune and digestive systems… In a harmonious body, a psycho-corporal balance is established and the mind blossoms.  

Our observation: well-being is everywhere! Yoga in its many forms and practices has entered daily routines, in companies, hospitals, schools, local communities… yet with a highly varied and sometimes only superficial range of benefits.

The demand
The demand

Companies increasingly want to share their values through events, values that they sometimes have difficulty embodying or seeing through, both in their teams and in communications with their audience.

‘Event wellness’ is an answer to this problem: inviting employees, influencers or clients to share a moment of enjoyment and enabling them to experience a better way of living is an excellent springboard for communicated a brand’s DNA, its values, products and services.

To meet these expectations, Le Tigre Happy Events proposes:   An offer of unique, high-quality and memorable services, led by talented and charismatic professionals in a serious framework.

Taking care of yourself, which in turn favours listening to your own body and developing self-empathy.

The advantages of Le Tigre
The advantages of Le Tigre

The recognised benefits of Le Tigre’s offering: stress prevention and improvement of mental and physical well-being at home and at work, social connection, empathy, balance, development…

Signature Le Tigre Happy Events
Signature Le Tigre Happy Events
  • Team-building events and seminar support
  • Press breakfasts
  • Product or service launches
  • Outdoor events for the general public in unusual spaces
Workshops & corporate conferences:
  • Stress management through mindfulness meditation
  • Good postures for good work
  • ‘Do-in’ shiatsu workshops: the art of self-massage to fight against fatigue
  • Dynamic yoga to boost vitality
  • New ways of accessing well-being
  • New nutrition trends: organic, vegan, gluten-free, paleo…

These participatory workshops or conferences accompanied by a breakfast or snack offer ways to improve the daily working lives of employees.